CUC 2013

The Vancouver Ultimate Community aims to provide Ultimate Canada and all athletes and guests with a unique and outstanding experience.

Building on the technical and organizational successes of past events and drawing on a wealth of local experience, CUC 2013 in Vancouver aims to be remembered as one of the best “Nationals” ever staged.

With the separation of the Junior and Senior divisions for the first time at CUC 2013 we feel that this event has the opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits of this adjustment, and to create a blueprint for successful CUC events to come.

For the social aspects of the event, the division of Junior and Senior players will allow a specific focus on each social event to cater to the audience, rather than the need to hold a single “separated” event.

For the Junior portion of the competition, we will be able to focus on connecting the local Junior Ultimate community with the tournament. Vancouver has always sent strong teams to CUC, but there are over 50 local High School programs in Vancouver and most of those players have had no exposure to this kind of high level Ultimate. We will look to recruit heavily for volunteers from the ranks of High School Ultimate players for this event as a way to connect them with the higher levels of the sport.

In addition, the separation of the divisions allows for the first time the opportunity to highlight the Junior Finals. Taking place on Wednesday evening as Senior teams are arriving, our plan will be to hold the Girls and Boys finals at Thunderbird Stadium, the same venue as the WUGC 2008 finals, and with the attendance of non-playing Junior teams, arriving Senior players and the Vancouver Ultimate community, it will be our goal to have these games played in front of 3500+ spectators.

With the removal of Junior teams from the Senior event, the schedule will allow for more flexibility in terms of showcase games and finals. Once again utilizing Thunderbird Stadium, the Masters, Womens Masters, Mixed, Women and Open division finals as well as selected Semi-Finals will have a first-class venue in which to showcase the sport.

Vancouver has a proud tradition of hosting first class Ultimate events. With the changes Ultimate Canada has made to Nationals starting in 2013, we are looking forward to trail blazing once again by creating an event which all future CUC’s will be measured against.